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for freelancers

neurona︎ is a physical space, a virtual environment, a place of exchange, experimentation, a club, a laboratory where to innovate, create, learn and communicate. It is a center for professionals interested in their image, graphic design, photography, visual arts, marketing, advertising and creative profiles in general to have a physical place to continue working, creating and innovating.

It doesn't matter what your project is, or where you have your place of work or residence. If you are part of neurona︎ you will have a space to put into practice what you have in mind, look for collaborations, schedule workshops, conferences, make photo shoots, record podcasts, do interviews...

Do you have an idea? Do you want to develop or learn a new technique or methodology? Tell us what you have in mind.


A unique space and equipment, with a "look & feel" of a creative agency. Fully equipped photography set, area for recording podcasts and interviews, chill outs for resting, work tables, common areas, meeting rooms...

Everything is perfectly designed for moments of concentration and networking. A place for freelancers and investors to develop their activity with all the necessary tools to be able to communicate it.  



Inside neurona︎ is the Malaga headquarters of creatiBEty, the artistic managers agency in Barcelona, specialized in branding and creative and artistic talent.  


Site ︎︎


neurona︎ members have a unique venue for their own workshops, working groups, presentations and conferences. 

Do you have something to tell? Do you need to make a presentation to get feedback? Do you want to give a course or a lecture? 

In addition, members of our hub&club can attend other events or participate in those organized by other members.