Make the most of your talent

In our boutique coworking you can enjoy a unique space of concentration and inspiration, and ideal facilities and equipment to make your stay comfortable and productive.

An agency look designed with an industrial aesthetic, with different lighting modes, and with high quality furniture and equipment.

We tell you in detail (scroll down each box)

Espacio creativo


Several fiber lines of 600 Mb each, with mobile points of cable outlets for video calls with total stability.


Very large tables of 1.40 x 80 and high quality ergonomic chairs. We prefer to have fewer physical workstations, but gain in comfort and tranquility.

Wireless printer

For black and white printing. In addition, we have a discount agreement with the print shop across the street for more complex or color printing.

Coffee and office area

A corner with refrigerator, osmosis cold water fountain, microwave, milk heater, kettle, sandwich maker and coffee maker. Coffee, milk and tea are on the house. Needless to say, you will always find something sweet or fruit, because we are always sharing.

Relaxing moments

Meeting room

A multipurpose and quiet room with a very special look to impress your customers.

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Videoconference areas

We have at least 4 spaces to have meetings and conversations privately and without disturbing others. In addition, the ceilings of more than 7 meters allow the noise not to be uncomfortable for the rest of the colleagues. To provide these meetings with a higher visual quality, broadcasting elements such as lights, usb microphones and video capture are available.

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Call boxes

Two privacy booths for telephone calls.

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Podcasting table

A professional sound table with two high-end microphones. Totally portable to be able to conduct interviews anywhere, and record video if necessary. The table can work connected to a computer, or record only by connecting an internal SD card. In addition, we have a room with acoustic curtains for better sound.

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Multipurpose room

On weekends the space can be used for workshops, workshops, meetings, presentations, pop-ups or filming. Neurona members will always have preference over other external proposals.

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Photo and video set

An area with background holders for video recording or professional photo shoots. Fully equipped with flashes, beauty discs, diffusers, video still lights, reflectors, and 4K photo and video cameras. Of course, we can teach you and help you to use all the material.

Recursos digitales

Chill out zones

Spaces with floor-level seating for lounging, reading, having a drink or informal meetings. At Be creative! we’re so laid back, you can even move a futon to a quiet area to take a nap, stretch, or do a little mindfulness.

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Our wonderful Japanese toilet.

Brought directly from Japan, it is a hygienic and sensory experience: heated seat, hot water cleaning jet, air drying and complete disinfection. Of course, you can always use it in the traditional way.

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We care about the environment

We have gone to great lengths to create a space that respects nature. Our toilet is cleaned with less than 1 liter of water, compared to the 7-9 liters consumed by a normal toilet (through a power turbine, like the one used in airplanes).

The entire space is insulated to maintain a natural room temperature between 21 and 26 degrees. All lights are LED, and we recycle everything we generate. In addition, because of our location, it is an ideal place to come walking, by bus, scooter or bicycle. Inside we have plenty of space to leave your bike.

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